Just wrapped up shooting a fun video to submit to Food Network. Man, that was hard work! I only really had to cook two things. The other stuff was either already prepared, or I just had to mix it. Easy right? NOT!

And I believed that cooking was easy.   
 Just my thoughts-1: I do feel for those that had to attend and watch me say the same thing over and over and over and over…    
 Just my thoughts-2: Is it just me or are those lights really freakin bright?
Just my thoughts-3: Damn, my kitchen is a mess. 
 Luckily I had prepared many other dishes for everyone to eat like Portuguese Sausage, eggs, rice, cioppino with sourdough bread, and buffalo chicken wings with ranch dressing.  Oh yes, and gallons of alcohol were *maybe* consumed in preparation of this ordeal. Hopefully all this quelled the pain of having to listen to me blab about food for 6 hours. 
But after the shooting was done, my comfort beer(s) and lazyboy chair helped fuel my thoughts to those “behind the scenes” food network people who are constantly doing things that we don’t see.  The budding behind the scenes chefs doing the mis en place for the stars. Kudos to their great knife skills! For their encore, they get to cringe every time Emeril says BAM! because they know, he just threw their prep work all over the studio.   
The poor writers who are forced to write painful “Seasons Eatings!” for every holiday skit and every holiday show. Actually, I laugh at this absurdity every time I see this.  And of course, the schlepp that has to wash all those freakin dishes once the show is over. What a mess. Yep-no glory story here. In fact, I have still yet to find the foul-mouthed-mechanic-cringing reality show of the dishwashing crews that work long hours for low pay. I’d watch that in a heartbeat.      

Dishes dishes dishes


One thing is clear, food on TV is far from food in real life. So thanks to my awesome foodies Julie, Susie, Curt, Josh, and Katie for the redonkulous time.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms… 



Holy cow! Those lights are bright!