When you look out of the window, it appears a nice semi-overcast Cleveland day. Typical. But when you step outside, the NE Ohio winter slaps you around like a pimp does to a $5 whore. I can imagine the thoughts floating around on his status sheets (dashboard for you suits), “Improve your productivity” or “Better ROI!”  Likely I know.

An instant business success

So as you trudge toward the parking lot, all you can think of is the sun, bikini clad waitresses, and yes thanks Anthony Bourdain, sand between your toes.

Wish you were here

For Clevelanders – bear with me for a minute as I translate Fox8’s Dick Goddard:

When Goddard says, “It may flurry” = he really means “is gonna snow like a mutha”.

When Goddard says, “Wollybear” = he really means “is gonna snow like a mutha”.

Ahem, now with pending flurries that will probably turn into snow, we should be thinking of soups, basically hearty meals that would warm us up and stick to your bones. To me, nothing says these things other than my mother’s recipe of Portuguese Bean Soup.

From the earliest I can remember, a HUGE pot of this on the stove every New Year’s Eve in Hawaii. Mother stated this tradition would continue no matter where our family was on NYE. “Good luck” she explained, “Better eat yours now…” According to my mother, “Easy to make”

Step-1: “Onions, carrots, Portuguese sausage, garlic, fry em up.”

Step-2: “Add canned tomato stuff and drained kidney beans and bring to boil. Little bit red pepper flakes too. The longer the better.”

Step-3: “Take the boiled ham hock stock and adjust as needed…but you shouldn’t need that much.”

Step-4: “Add the cabbage and simmer for 15 minutes and serve.”

Portuguese bean soup

Now I know what you’re going to say – so let me translate how I will respond:

1. “But the weather is so nice in Hawaii during the New Years.” My response, “Suck it. I grew up there”.

2. “Who makes soup when it’s 80 degrees in Hawaii?!?” My response, “You haven’t had real saimin. Sucks to be you.”

Fireworks in shorts

So I guess a thanks to Dick Goddard’s accurate weather report which has brought me to think of NYE in Hawaii.

Slurping my homemade Portuguese Bean Soup thanks to my dear mother and missing family and home.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms