Because some of you have asked to compare last year’s paella to this year’s paella, see the comparative pictures from 2008 vs 2010. Few observations from our line cooks and staff:

1. Paella 2010 was more moist. Suggestion of perhaps more dry fluffier texture for rice (no one seemed to desire the crispy rice at bottom).

2. Paella 2010 should have both parsley and green onions. Paella 2008 had only green onions.

3. Paella 2010: Browning chicken/chorizo and sofritto part resulted in HUGE savory-ness helped bringing depth and flavor

4. Paella 2010: Locally made chorizo was TONS better than national commercial store bought sausage. Thanks West Side Market.

5. Paella 2008: the red bell peppers were not necessary.

6. Paella 2010: Larger deveined shrimp was easier to peel/eat compared to shell on shrimp. Note: shrimp cooked faster in 2010 (our guess is because they were deveined).

7. Serve with an extremely good, very cold, white wine (Cakebread Chardonnay Reserve).

8. Both 2008 and 2010: Saffron is stil expensive. Dammit.

9. Paella 2010: Less sausage, more clams (huh-huh-huh…huh-huh)

10. Addition of split lobster tails was awesome. Barney Stinson awesome.

Paella 2008

Paella 2010

Overall? I would definitely serve this to Giada, Alton, or mother.

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms