Happy Chinese New Year or Kung Hee Fat Choy. 

Real deal Chinese Food? Look-if you go to a Chinese restaurant and order the BS Chinese dishes like Sweet Sour Chicken or the Moo Shoo pork, you aren’t getting the real thing. Here at QuarryLaneFarms, we are committed to serving dishes that are innovative awesome.

Your CHINESE New Year’s Resolution for you-1: Take a chance and buy some strange and unconventional foods. Cause you don’t want to eat the same boring stuff every day – live a little!

Your CHINESE New Year’s Resolution for you-2: Make friends with someone who is kinda F.O.B. (FOB=Fresh off the Boat). Good suggestions when it comes to exotic foods…


From Sunday’s menu at QuarryLaneFarms

Take for instance, Ong Choy (Most of you will now be searching concurrently on Google image now for ong choy). Let me save you some time, it’s a weed…yup, I said weed. Water spinach if you had.

Ong Choy

On a normal day, you would slink by this vegi and not even give it the time of day. Why? Cause it looks weird. Truth be told, this is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest vegis to be made. I make it with Harm ha which is shrimp paste. Other ingredients I use? minced garlic and shoyu. Simple right? You should enjoy your food for the real flavors – simple and delicious.

Harm ha ong choy

One of our past guests came from small town Ohio. How small? Well, they have some kind of week long pumpkin festival where they have parades, pumpkin beauty pageants, and maybe hump pumpkins…I dunno. Size matters. Whatevers.  

Hot pumpkins

Ahem-I digress.

So needless to say, she has never seen Ong Choy or much less heard of it before. Sheltered. Let me tell you, she was quite smitten kitten with the Harm Ha Ong Choy. Hotness.

*So-try stuff that you wouldn’t try before.

Another dish that is comforting and also part of the new year’s activities is Chicken Jook = Chicken soup with rice. Let me guess, when you heard Jook, you searched Google for “Jook” right? It has the consistency of watery paste, the wanna-be feel of soup, and the color of….well, I’ll just leave that for another day. This is SO warming and comforting….Basically chicken soup with rice. Now that we said it was Chicken soup with rice – I bet you’re hungry now…

Chicken jook

My point? Well, I guess if you are reading this, you like food…and if you like food, you should explore new and strange looking dishes. Just buy the strange stuff and bring it home. That’s what the “internets” are for right?

**So-try stuff that you wouldn’t try before.

Also stop buying those freaking frozen shumai. Don’t embarrass yourself cause they are so easy to make – plus its much cheaper too. One of our chefs decided to try some fusion ones that was made with chorizo pork. SO good! Smoky spicy pork with the water chestnuts, how yow, sugar, shoyu, garlic, onions…oh just awesome.

Chorizo Shumai army prep

***So-try stuff that you wouldn’t try before.

In summary, Chinese New Year upon us and we should all take the time to try something new. Yes, these Chinese dishes have been around for thousands of years, so what are you waiting for?

Get your Wang on!

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…