So I am trying something new.  Weird huh?

“If memory serves me correctly”…we have been cooking with Caphalon stuff. Tons of $$ to Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, etc… know the usual suspects. So I was thinking…and thought maybe I had it all wrong (cause I usually am wrong about many things). SO–we have started this little experiment with the most simplest of things…the infamous non-stick 10” pan. Used for everything from omletttes to chasing crazy women around the kitchen, this is probably the most versatile non-stick pan in the arsenal of chefs.

Let’s meet the competitors shall we?

From Crate & Barrel = Caphalon 10″ non-stick = $124.95 (Suburbia pan)

Suburbia Pan


From Dean’s Supply Cleveland = Regalware Cookware 10″ non-stick = $13.99 (Commerical pan)

Commerical Pan

This will be a 3 month battle in duration. Clean fight.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of surbia vs commerical cookware battle.

Categories to help judge: evenness of cooking, non-stick action, heat retention, cleaning and price/value.

Any predictions on who will win this?

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