Ahhh vacation. Our entire staff is back from an all expense paid trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico! Yes, all expense paid. 

Here’s a 10 second recap: @USAirwaysNews (airline) = terrible sucks blows / Food was OUTSTANDING / Tropical weather with cold beverages made for a great week / Bourdain-you were right. 

Cold Medalla Light and sand between our toes

So in honor of our food exploration, we’ll post all about the foods/drinks that inspired all of our staff from Puerto Rico. 

First, we had a great recommendation from a few of our guests/foodies to visit a restaurant called DragonFly in Old San Juan. They said to eat their duck nachos. All of us thought the combination of Peking duck and nachos were kinda weird. Besides who would use the duck skin on nachos?!?! 

Onscene at DragonFly and the first thing we ordered? Peking duck nachos with wasabi sour cream. 

Dragonfly's Duck Nachos

OK–we were in awe – amazballs – awesomeness of how good this was! It was pinch your own nipples good. 

Sweet/salty/savory from hoisin, crunchy from fried wontons, and finishing with spicy from wasabi sour cream. 

So good…that we made it within 24-hours of returning to Cleveland. 

QuarryLaneFarms Duck Nachos

QuarryLaneFarms Duck Nachos 2nd app

Delicious and easy to make…actually it took about 2 hours to prep. Here’s a few of our observations: 

1. We decided siracha sour cream instead of wasabi sour cream because it mixes better. 

2. We chopped meat up instead of shred. Our decision was better. Chunky salsa esq. 

3. Take more time with our picture. Only had a camera phone – I know, tech difficulties. 

4. We forgot the toasted sesame seeds. Taste wise-not necessary. 

5. DragonFly’s “neat” plating is not necessary. Inherently, nachos are made to be thrown together. More messy, more better. 

6. Use chicken instead of duck. Patrons will never notice and chicken is easier to shred. Save the duck and skin for actual Peking duck. Thanks Angela-us being chang. 

7. Bigger plate for nachos – mo bettah…and yes, more to mucha muncha on. 

So how good was our version of the duck nachos?? I would wear a sarong to eat them. Shazam! 

So add this to our @QuarryLaneFarms app menu…Peking Duck Nachos with siracha sour cream. Thanks to @khwatts , @cleveland222 , and DragonFly in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Arreba~! 

Next up? Mufungo.

Good to be back on the line again….Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…