So even before arriving to Puerto Rico, we were a little obsessed w/ mufongo. (Cause it sounds like a swear word). 

For those that haven’t watched Diner’s Drive-inns and Dives w/ Guy Fieri – or seen him swoon over mufongo on “The Best Thing I ever Ate” from a place called Benny’s Seafood Restaurant. Here’s the video: 

Now that you got the idea of what mufongo is, lets get to the main event before I mufongo your sister. 

So basically, its mashed up fried plantains with lotsa garlic, pieces of chicharrones (fried pork skin) with a TON of other stuff as garnishes such as: pork, shrimp, scallops, red snapper, lobster, chicharrones…basically anything you want. (Bourdain-stop drooling cause I said chicharrones). 

As described to me by one of our foodie friends: Mufongo is the Fried Rice of Puerto Rico. Made differently everywhere and a TON of variations pending on where you go. 

Our first plate, at a place called Mini Cafe Restaurant -the highlight was the double fried pork chunks with the extreme onions. Pork was so juicy – and then if that wasn’t good enough, they fried it again, so the outside was now crispy. Double cooked pork. with a nice crust on the outside. So good.  

Double cooked pork chunk mufongo


Nice crust on the outside


But the best mufongo we had? Cafe Puerto Rico in Old San Juan. Don’t miss-go at all costs-turn your head and cough-you won’t be disappointed. Cafe Puerto Rico at 208 O’Donnell Street Old San Juan, PR 00901 Phone: 787-724-2281. 

This mufongo was hands down the best one ever. The fried plantains were shaped into a deep bowl that housed the garlic shrimp. The combinations of the perfectly cooked shrimp, the garlic sauce blanketed the plantain bowl, the sweet salty savory flavors in the mix made this just a super awesome dish. Arreba!  

Best garlic shrimp mufongo ever


Additionally, it came with some white rice which, post picture, was doused with the beans – making one of our local favorites sides, rice and beans. But that’s another post.  

All of our staff encourages all of you to go out and try dishes that sound like bad words. Heh heh.  

Despite the weirdness of the word mufongo…most often times, they are the local “diamond in the rough” dishes that typical tourists won’t inquire or even order…ie the table next to us, the guy ordered frickin ribs…Maybe we should have punched him in the balls and told him his reservations at the Hard Rock San Juan awaits him.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…