In the past, we talked about food that can be portable and REALLY good. Ladies and Gentlemen-I give you the Mallorca.

Basically, this is a heavy pancake/bread that is either toasted or grilled with butter, then meat/cheese melted together in the middle, then heavily dusted w/ powdered sugar. Sweet, salty, savory-all the great things in life.

Ham and cheese mallorca

The Mallorca, usually eaten for breakfast, is VERY popular even with locals!

In San Juan, there are two well-known places. Shockingly, both are on San Francisco and about 2 blocks from each other.

La Bombonera is a bit more famous (Supposedly by Andrew Zimmerer and Rachel Ray). Blah.

La Bombonera-dont waste your time

But our staff’s favorite restaurant and order? San Juan’s finest – Cafe Mallorca: Ham and cheese Mallorca w/ Cafe please!

Most authentic, more local, staff no speaky english, not alot of tourists (most important), and a bonus of an all-day storefront musica-fest (uncha-uncha) by an old guy (cue @ggretchko musical beatboxing).

Cafeteria Mallorca - best bet

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

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