With warm weather this past week here in Cleveland, our thoughts turn toward our garden. And what epitomizes summer than a mojito.

We had a TON of these in various places throughout San Juan and every place makes the mojito differentely. Glistening glasses of awesome.

Lets be clear: Mojitos should NOT be clear. They should be cloudy from all the muddling. If yours comes to the table and you can see through it, slap the waiter and send it back.

Proper mojito should be cloudy

Our few tips for this summer’s mojito making:

1.  Use twice as much mint than you think you need: Don’t be stingy-your patrons expect the best.

2. Buy a muddler: I know it looks weird, but when you grind the sugar and leaves together, the muddler is the best way to get the flavors including all the oils from the leaves into the drink. Takes a bit more time, but if you are reading this blog, you appreciate the real stuff.

3. Use brown sugar(or Sugar in the Raw): Usually more coarse sugars will help break down the mint leaves faster.

4. Buy good clear rum: Be generous…people expect to feel fuzzy during service.

5. Large and thick glassware: large mouthed thick bottomed glass is preferred as you will be muddling in them (I know, I said “large and thick”).

6. Screw the lemons: Use limes.

This mojito is lame

Also garden planting note: Mint is considered invasive because it is hard to contain and expands like a MF exponentially…really really fast.

Yes, it’s the “overbearing-friend-that-hits-on-your-sister-even-after-you-warned-him-not-to“. So just plan ahead.

A good tip is to plant your mint in a pot before you plant the pot in the ground. Controls the root ball. Easy. 

Stop looking at my sister!

Is it summer yet?

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…