It wa a dark and stormy night…So on the recomendation of a few fellow foodies, and Iron Chef Michael Symon, we decided to try Superior Pho.

This smaller pho shop is tucked away in the rear of a strip mall. Kinda weird. We entered from the front at 3030 Superior and believed we were in the wrong place…Trust us, just continue toward the back for your Pho experience. Our staff was slightly distracted with the Bi Bim Bapp place that was housed in the hallway. Promising to be back soon for yobo food, we observed 8 Korean ladies loudly yelling at each other-looks promising. Continuing on. Entered Superior Pho. The best smells in the world come from broths that have been bubbling away for hours and hours – the fragrance of pho broth wafts through the air as it envelops your entire body. Rain rain go away.

Didn’t need to look at a menu as we pre-planned and viewed their menu online: Large Pho #7 and a Banh mi sandwich please.

As listed on their menu, “Banh mi Thit Vietnamese sandwich on a crispy french roll with homemade pate, roasted pork, cucumber, fresh herbs and mayonaise sauce” for $3. This sandwich was good.

Banh mi from Superior Pho

Our opinion, needed more mayo, more pate, perhaps not a french roll/needed baguette, and at least cut up your jalapeno cause my last bite was all jalapeno. 

3 bites in at Superior Pho

Our opinion: Better at @bacTremont

Quickly following on the heels of our Banh mi, our pho arrived. We ordered pho #7 “Pho chin nam – noodle soup with well done brisket and flank” ($6.95). Steaming of goodness, this bowl reminded me of the small mom & pop saimin places we used to visit growing up in Hawaii. The intoxicating aroma from that piping hot broth…nirvana. Stuck my nose about 1cm away from the broth taking in the smell of stewed meats. Pretty sure I got some soup up my nose too.

Pho #7 from Superior Pho

READY: Like a fat kid in a candy store, I eagerly grabbed handfuls of crisp bean sprouts and plunged them into the mix. I wrecklessly squirted lime juice. I gave a firm squeeze of siracha.

SET: A small stir of all the awesomeness with the smell beckoning me to prepare for greatness.

GO: I slurped/shoveled my way through half the bowl before saying another word to anyone.

Lets have a moment of silence…..ahhhhh. Like a UFC fighter in the 5th round, wiping the sweat from by head, I enjoyed every minute of the Pho goodness. They had some sort of unmarked squirt bottle of (maybe) hoisin sauce to use – don’t bother as you just need the siracha to stay authentically. And yes, hilarities ensued as a stray noodle, mid-slurp, got out of control and hit me in the eye. The combination of hot broth and siracha in my eye? Ouch. Perhaps future consideration to tone down my slurping or wear some safety goggles…

Eyes welling up, nose running, sweat now dripping from the head…this bowl has everything I needed on this dark and stormy night. Bourdain – wish you were here.

Oh yeah, I dipped my Banh mi sandwich in the broth…I understand why they offer a cup of broth on the side. Decadence.

So if you find yourself craving a huge bowl of Pho, we agree with Iron Chef Symon.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms