Many foodies have asked about the best burger we ever had.

I guess this maybe a standard that is measurable and attainable by many Americans. Besides, how many of us could effectively judge a caviar competition?!? So to help clarify a few things, here’s why we love burgers:

1. Snotty high-class burgers can suck it…Its a burger. Treat it like a burger.

2. Ambiance has alot to do with your burger enjoyment.

3. Flavor is most important / how the burger all melds together.

A place we feel that encompases the best is W&M Burger in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their Royal with cheese encompasses all major factors of burgers.

W&M Burger

This simple, yet unassuming burger has been dipped, double dipped, into BBQ sauce in the cooking process. Even the cheese, before gracing the top of the patty is dipped in the BBQ sauce. Bun is simple Loves Bakery bun. No seasame seeds to cloud your judgement. Also good for sucking up the BBQ sauce.

The actual stand is just that. W&M has no pretentious tables or chairs. Even W&M’s employees are always standing. Just perfect.

The smoke from the BBQ (keawe) permeates the neighborhood. Mouth watering as you wait for your order to be filled.

Open kitchen with large windows so you can “check out the action”. Each burger being made, gets you one closer to your own burger of love.

Even napkins were the small commerical industrial super thin ones…Besides, who uses napkins?

Awesome old school packaging too. Nod to real burger – thanks. On presentation, it isn’t fancy. And now, for your first bite: Make sure you take the juicy burger leg stance spread as your first bite, will most likely result in the special sauce, mayo, etc…drip down (if you’re lucky, just down your arm). The crunch of lettuce, crisp onion, and melted cheese with that tomato and sweet sauce all together warmed by the patty…That my friends, is simply burger heaven.

Royal with everything

My grandfather went to this place. My father went to this place. I am sure when I decide to reproduce, I will take my kids here too. Absolutely perfect.

Royal with Cheese-Perfection

We can hear it now. Cries of anger from you…our readers! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Oh yes, we’ve had Swensons (OH), Red Robin (OH), Bob’s BBQ (HI), B-Spot (OH), Hackney’s (IL), In-N-Out (CA)…basically burgers from all over the world.

In our humble, probably right opinion, nothing compares to W&M Burger.

Editor’s Note: Places yet to visit that could put a good fight: Father’s Office (CA), Daniel Boulud Brasserie (NV), Ted’s Restaurant, (CT), Shake Shack (NY), and Hank’s (HI),

We challenge you to find a place with better burgers than W&M. If you got a place that has better ones, let us know and we will go. But don’t be pissed when we tell you W&M’s Royal with cheese is better. Until then, send us your suggestions/competitors.

And don’t rely on Food Network, Travel Channel, BravoTV, websites, foodies, etc….find a place that you love. And let us know.

Additionally, we were also gifted a few premium aged beef patties so we couldn’t think of a better time to talk about burgers…Service at 7p. Gotta go.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms