Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that main stream chefs are veering away from cooking their own specialities? 

Lets take for example the biggest sell out, Emeril. 

Emeril Lagasse

I get that you are from New Orleans…cool. 

I get that you like to cook Portuguese style dishes….sweet. 

I get that you proudly support all cuisine/chefs from Louisiana…awesome. 

Emeril's in New Orleans

But for crying out loud-leave Chinese, Japanese, Korean…basically anything Asian to chefs who really cook Asian food! 

Real deal Iron Chef Morimoto

I’m just saying… 

I get your attempts at the popularity thing. Firefighters are cool…I understand 

Firefighter helmet + Emeril = lame

I even understand you selling out. BAM meals?!?   

Look at Anthony Bourdain-he funds his high blood pressure additiction with an superimposed Chase Saphire card (For those that don’t know-This “well placed credit card” infects his No Reservation show like a case of crabs at the community college sorority. Skanks).

Do you think he says BAM! when he gets his prostate checked?

But seriously, stick to the stuff that made you famous. 

What the hell is "ASIAN" essence?!?

Do I sell tampons with my name and face on them? 


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