G’day mate!  

On a suggestion from one of our patrons, she recomended the Whole Foods Barramundi. Riiiiiight…nod the head nicely and smile. 

Frozen Barramundi?!? Since when do we even buy frozen fish? In our kitchen, we only buy fresh stuff. Barramundi – Is this even real? This better not be the “No-one-is-buying-this-ugly-weird-sounding-Patagonian-Toothfish-so-how-about-we-call-it-something-else—-like-Chilean-Sea-Bass!” 

This isn’t Patagonian Toothfish or Chilean Sea Bass….it’s Barramundi.

Truth be told, this Australian fish is beloved by everyone who drinks Fosters, has a roo-pouch, large knife in the boot, or carries a boomerang. Even such “proven” resources (like Wikipedia) say that this is the “quintessential” Australian brand. More importantly, the Whole Foods packaging discussed the importance of sustainable resources…which is a concept that we kinda like here at @QuarryLaneFarms. Also inspired by our visit to @thegreenhouse -thanks Jonathon. Ace mate! 

Sustainable Barramundi with crispy capers and sauteed spinach and furikake rice ball

How to prepare? Pretty easy – which made for a clean flavor. Simple right? 

Thaw the frozen filets in the fridge 12 hours…ready. 

Medium heat in a pan w/ some olive oil.
Light kosher salt both sides of Barramundi and gently lay in pan. 

90 seconds 


Add butter and chopped frozen spinach in pan around filets with large tablespoon of capers and juice. Don’t forget to cover. 

90 seconds 

Shake pan, flip filets, saute spinach 

90 seconds 

Shake pan, flip filets, saute spinach 

90 seconds 


Things to look for: 

1. Barramundi should have a light GBD (Golden Brown and Delicious). 

2. Barramundi should be slightly flaky but pretty meaty. 

3. Capers should be slightly crispy. 

4. Spinach should be al dente (not mushy). 

Plate bed of spinach, Barramundi on spinach, crispy capers on top, finish with green onions for garnish. 

Shape rice into ball (or as close to a ball as you can). Furikake on rice. 

Simple, easy and really good fish. Let us know how yours turns out. 

Feeling good about this sustainable thing bloke. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms