Debates across the country rage on as foodies alike demystify the secret to this age-old debate…wet vs dry.  

For us here @QuarryLaneFarms – we prefer dry. We feel that you should taste the truly seasoned meat…and not hide the ribs with bad sauce. But we don’t discriminate – we do give options if people feel the need for sauces including: Arthur Bryant’s original, Squeelers, Sticky Fingers, and Sweet Baby Ray’s.  

I do give the credit to my former collegiate roomie (rison8) who has lobbied on behalf of charcoal initiative for at least 5 years before we saw the light…I mean smoke.  

Magically, 3 years ago, we placed our BGE inservice.  

Family of BGEs

For all those Alton Brown geek  types out there, here’s the detailed rundown: BGE (Big Green Egg), Bronzville dry rub (Thanks @TheSpiceHouse) presoaked Applewood chips, temperature maintained at 275 degrees F. Restock chips every 30 minutes. Service.  

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…  

At the starting line

15 minutes in

30 minutes in / add more applewood chips

45 minutes in

one hour in / add more applewood chips

1 hr 15 minutes in

1 hr 30 minutes in / more applewood chips

1 hr 45 minutes in

2 hrs in...ITS TIME!!!

Can you see that smoke ring?  

Ready for service-1

“Who’s your daddy now?”  

Ready for service-2

Is it summer yet?  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms