So many emails about our Cantankerous Clams – we decided on a pictorial recipe to help those. (Why pictorial? Cause we don’t know the portions). 

So you need to find some clams. Talk to a local reputable fish monger. Make sure they are fresh. 

Hunt for clams

For full dinner, we approximated about 25 Littleneck Clams per person. Rinse them with cold water, keep them cool and don’t submerge them in tap water. Tea towel optional. 

Clams on the ready

Throw away injured clams. Not good eats. 

Bad clams - DOA

Mis en place: Organization will set you free. Thanks Alton Brown. 

Mis en place - ready

Heat veggie oil in 3qt saucier on medium high. 

Heat up your oil

Brown sausage. We prefer spicy, but you could use andouille, portuguese sausage, etc…. 

Brown your sausage

Add onions. 

Add onions

Add shalots. 

Add shalots

Add garlic. 

Add garlic

In another pot, boil water (added pieces of garlic in the boiling water). 


Add steamer and clams. Set timer – about 12 minutes. 

Steam the clams!

Add about 1/2 cup of chardonnay, 1/4 cup of chicken stock to deglaze the plan of all the awesome bits. 


Add chopped tomatoes. 

Tomato (we used roma)

Check on the clams. As they continue to cook, they will open up and release their juice. This is why you didn’t add salt to the boiling water. 

Steaming your clams

Back to the sauce! Add blue cheese chunks. Mix in. This will give the dish creaminess. 

We used Maytag, but any bleu is good

Add a bit of the clam juice that was released in your other pot to the mix. best judge it by the amount and sauce. Add flat leaf parsley. 

Clam juice and flat leaf parsley

Once clams are done, plate in bowl…Yes we said bowl and yes it’s for the sauce. Don’t over cook  the clams. Again, this took 12 minutes. 

Bowl + Clams

French baguette, sourdough chunks…whatever you got. You want semi hard bread to soak up the sauce at the bottom of the bowl. Trust me, you are gonna want lotsa bread. 

Bread...lotsa bread

Add green onions. 60 seconds. 

Add green onions

Pour the good stuff over the clams in the bowl (Check out that bleu cheese creamy au jus on the bottom of the bowl). 

Right on top

Add more parsley and cilantro if you like and serve. 

Optional: More garnishing

Trust me, you’re gonna need more bread to sop up all the sauce at the bottom. 

Or you can lick your bowl clean.


This one is an easy (even weeknight dish) so find some clams. Get happy cause clams love you 

You love clams

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms