It’s Easter weekend and we can’t think of a better time to talk about sheep…I mean lamb.  

baa baa baa


Not sure who designated lamb as the official Easter dish…but if you are comparing that white soft plush wooly coat and the blood from the slaughter, it is quite an impressive sight.  



Though do note, the sheep does provide warmth and good eats…so its not like we’re harvesting them only for their buffalo wings. They also seem snuggly too (not first hand experience).  

Holy sheep


But if you are going out to get some lamb for your weekend plans, I suggest you check out Cleveland’s West Side Market. Our staff has always been impressed with the butcher shops and their selections esp lamb this time of year. In fact, we spied an entire lamb being carted off a few weeks ago. Wish we were invited to that lamb roast.  

Though, few tips to help with your sheep…lamb.  

Tip #1: For those who really enjoy the farmer’s market experience…Do bring a cooler to help keep your veggis, proteins, and fish cool. C’mon folks, lets not be too ghetto about things.  

In the baaack


Tip #2: In the kitchen, preparing your rack of lamb, it’s incredibly important to make a slit along the rib with a knife in the rack and insert a piece of garlic to help aid the flavors (Yes! “slit”, “insert”, and “rack” all in one sentence-trifecta complete). Also, when you prepare the sheep lamb, it is not well-done…it should be cooked to medium rare.  

Garlic sliver and medium rare rack of lamb


Tip #3: Spend your Easter with awesome people who love to eat! We are contemplating for Sunday’s service either rack of lamb vs leg of lamb. The tough choices…real tough choices.  

Leg of lamb


Happy Easter everyone! Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms