Cold dreary day here in Cleveland. 37-52 degrees and rainy. 

Like a used wetnap…NE Ohio today is damp and smelly. 

No no, we’re not talking fresh out-of-the-box wetnap hermetically sealed for freshness….Ohio today, smells of a well-used-missed-the-trash-can-cause-it-hit-the-rim-and-it-was-so-stank-they-didnt-want-to-pick-it-up bad. Also doesn’t help that I am wearing a white shirt either. No that’s not a sexy wet t-shirt contest waiting to happen…its more like the shirt invites pending food disasters to help decorate my apparel. #ineedabib. 

What the heck happened?!?! It was just 84 and sunny the other day! Not gonna lie, kinda wish we had made a gigantic pot of our Cream of chicken corn with wild rice and mushrooms. 

Homemade cream of chicken corn with wild rice and mushrooms


Hoping the weather gets better here cause we gotta finish our summer garden plans. 

Gotta get the heirloom tomato patch and Hawaiian chili peppers going fast. 

Stay warm folks- 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms.