Seriously, it was 88 degrees on Tuesday. 

It is now 31 degrees on Friday…and yes, it is now it is snowing again here in NE Ohio.  



Lets try a different approach. 

Dear Mother Nature, 

Sorry about polluting. At QuarryLaneFarms, we have started tilling our soil with coffee grounds in anticipation of your warm summer. 

If you could, please stop snowing. We need to plant our crops as soon as possible cause we want an awesome heirloom tomato patch, crisp vines of cucumbers, a solid herb garden, rows of bi-colored corn, large bushels of Hawaiian Chili Peppers, etc… 

Signs of summer



Your friends at QuarryLaneFarms. 

Hopefully that will stop the snow and make it better. 

Drive safe everyone… 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms