After a busy week watching our family on Food Network chill with Guy Firei on Diners Drive-Inns & Dives, we pondered the work that went into that production. Days of full film crews, sound, lighting, writers, logistics, handlers, visitor bureau folks, etc…the list goes on and on. The tireless work of the stars of the show just baffles the mind.

Behind the scenes on DDD

Even our “short” segment we shot for Food Network – complex and much harder than it looks on TV. Definitely had to think and work. Our staff had a great time. Note: alcohol onsite helped and hindered.
Which reminded us…on why you should take some time on image.

Creepy McGee!

With this setup, you should have just bought a white unmarked van and trolled the neighborhood…yeeish.  

This one was definitely a do-it-yourselfer jobbie…At least line up the sign over the door!

So unless you are a “secret” kinda place, do take the time to invest in some PR or Marketing Professional to help your new food adventure.We consult with numerous professionals who have helped expand our food and services. Plus we can tell, all PR/Marketing pros are really foodies at heart. 

One of our line chefs

So get help from professionals. We’re glad we did.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms