Our staff had a GREAT time hanging out at the Greenhouse Tavern on Sunday. 

Apparently a few of our followers were there too…Just goes to show you – that us cool cats hang out. 

We were greeted at the door by the 5’5″ louder than life Chef Jonathan Sawyer. 

Chef Jonathan "I talk loud" Sawyer

 As you know, Chef Sawyer has been named by Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chef 2010. An honor well deserved. 

Chef Sawyer helped us to our seats and laughed alot. Awesome. So many restaurants we go to have stuffy chefs and snobby staffers. Glad to see lotsa smiling faces at the Greenhouse Tavern. 

The Greenhouse Tavern’s concept is a farm to plate restaurant with the a HUGE push to giving back to the environment-thus increase the taste, the economy, and the sustainability of food. They are the first certified green restaurant in Ohio. Kudos.

So according to Iron Chef Michael Symon, The Greenhouse Tavern’s gravy frites is the best fried thing he ever ate. They are so good, that Symon featured it on Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate. So of course we ordered the gravy frites… 

Don't adjust your eyes, that gravy frites

 So decadent and delicious. Fries done perfectly (3 day Belgian method), well seasoned and beef and duck stock for the gravy. Seriously, who thinks of putting cheese with gravy?!?!?! Just the thought should put you in time out. 

Our staff DEVOURED these fries. I think one of them may have used their fingers to lick the bowl.
In all, I think we tried about 11 dishes total including the ghost wings, beef tartar, chicken in bread, regular frites, etc…all dishes were awesome.

Nice job Chef Sawyer and staff at the Greenhouse Tavern. We will be back soon for sure. Maybe next time, we can hang out with his awesome wife @Chefswidow too.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms