Ariyoshi-you are dead to me.  

Ariyoshi in Cleveland Heights

In the past, Ariyoshi was run by a bunch of Japanese folks. Awesome. Now it seems that the new ownership will lead this place to failure.  

To preface this post, we loved the previous owners of Ariyoshi. But a few months ago, Ariyoshi changed ownership. Our staff has been back several times to track the new owners and their progress. Yep–perhaps this is our dumb way of “we wish it was back like how it used to be” kinda thing.  

Lets begin in fine pictorial fashion, the demise of this restaurant in quality and service.  

Konichi wa! Miso soup is more like salt water.  

Sea water mislabeled as Miso Soup

And yes, FYI-there should be more than two micro cubes of tofu in your miso soup.  

As you can see, when our staff goes out, we eat like kings. Sadly, the types of sushi has changed under the new Korean management. As you can see, our initial plate looked good.  

Details are everything in sushi

*Hand roll california roll has no cucumber in it…As you know, a crucial part of a california roll. But sliced daikon is a great addition. Not.  

*The maguro at your 4 o’clock position was looking a rather flu like pink…far from the deep rich red that is supposed to be maguro.  

*Eel was brushed with sauce after the nori was added. Seriously, take a sushi class will ya?  


So if you have been out with our entire staff before, you will know that we always get an order of chirashi. This simple dish is a sushi chef’s dream cause he doesn’t really have to do anything except fill it with good stuff. And now thanks to our brother Mac-Mac, we now have a standard dish to rate all sushi places we visit.  

Chirashizushi or Chirashi is a bowl of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed in (also refers to barazushi). It is commonly eaten in Japan because it is filling, fast and easy to make. Chirashizushi most often varies regionally because it is eaten annually as a part of the Doll Festival, celebrated only during March in Japan. The ingredients are often chef’s choice. Edomae chirashizushi (Edo-style scattered sushi) is an uncooked ingredient that is arranged artfully on top of the sushi rice in a bowl. Gomokuzushi (Kansai-style sushi) are cooked or uncooked ingredients mixed in the body of rice in a bowl.  

Simple right? So lets ponder this one for a minute.  

Chirashi: take-1

*Imitation crab should be together. All other stuff shown are in pairs. Why are the two crabs separated? Were they fighting?  

*Yellow tail should have been cleaned better. As you can see, there are parts of skin still on the outside of their cuts. Not so atamagaii.  

*The tiny pieces of maguro should be the largest. It is the highlight of this dish…now reduced, sadly cowering behind the crab.   

*The garnish of ginger, lettuce , lemon wedges should not outshine the maguro.  

*And now for the piece de resistance…WHO THE HELL PUTS TERIYAKI SAUCE ON SUSHI RICE?  

Teriyaki sauce has no place in chirashi

Again, Chirashi has sushi rice. This teriyaki has invaded the rice like Uncle Lowry’s mysterious man-friend Stephen. Cue the uncomfortable hug at Easter.  

#Fail. #Sucks. #Miserable.  

***3 weeks go by***  

At this point, we figured they have gotten rid of their problem sushi chefs and have streamlined their business.  

Our staff arrives and orders a bunch of food (note: we don’t even bother with miso soup as we can make our own salt water).  

Our initial platter comes out.  

Terrible knife work

*Who the hell cut the yellow tail? Were they drunk? Looks like a wang!  

*At the 6 o’clock position, appears that a few tobiko volunteers attempted to roll with the reverse california roll. Not California roll like. 

*Your sesame seeds are not evenly spread across the sushi. That’s just half-assery. 

Achoo-tobiko everywhere

*Did the sushi chef sneeze and the tobiko eggs spew out all over? Sloppy.  

 *Sharpen your knife when cutting nori. The cut on the forefront tobiko sushi is sloppy. Ashamed. 

*Maguro cutting is not precise. I would be embarrassed if I had to hacksaw my maguro.  

*Different kinds of sushi should not touch each other (eel and yellow tail). Very different tastes.  

Remember, Japanese food is an art as well as food. That’s why its more expensive.  

So maybe they could redeem themselves with their Chirashi.  

Another failed Chirashi

 *Not enough rice. You are an Asian restaurant – That’s just embarrassing.  

*The 12 o’clock position, the Red snapper is not cut correctly. Should be more red. 

*Again with the miniscule maguro cuts. Recession or not, this is the hallmark of sushi. Embrace your maguro. 

*Gigantor pieces of misshapen octagon enhanced hamachi that was frozen. I repeat – FROZEN. FROZEN! 

*And the odd number of White fish. Like one. 

Again #Fail #miserable #pissed 

The staff at Ariyoshi mis-marked our bill and claimed that the $30 extra was correct. 

Hilarities ensued as they argued IN KOREAN in front of us…and finally muttered an incomprehensible “No, you pay”.  

At that point, you should have heard what came out of our mouths in Korean… 

To help aid you in what Chirashi is SUPPOSED to look like-Chirashi for pros

We’re not happy about these episodes of poor service and food. 

Just reminds us to find a new go to place for all our Chirashi needs in the Cleveland area. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…