Happy EarthDay everyone- 

Thanks to @beautyfoodie – our entire staff watched a great documentary last night called Food, Inc. We thought it would be appropriate because of EarthDay. Also Chef Sawyer from the Greenhouse Tavern has been talking about sustainability for quite sometime now. Probably should know more right? 

So for me personally, I was eating this when we started watching. 

Room temperature bacon and rice

This documentary made me think of where we get our bacon thanks to the folks that produced this movie. Just made us aware of what strange practices the food industry is involved in like unnatural dark houses, pesticides, growth hormones, etc…. And best yet, we can’t do much to affect safety. FOOD SAFETY PEOPLE!!!! 

Food, Inc

 You should drop the gigantor Chipotle burrito in your hand, and watch it now.

So no singing kum bye ya, no wearing tyedye, no natosexualing, no bicycling to work, etc….. 

Way to complex? Way to difficult? It’s really simple, just buy local products. 

I'd buy anything from Farmer Joel

So in honor of EarthDay, we propose you follow a list that we are completing today. 

1. Plant some of your own veggies. Our green onions patch and chives rows are starting to perk up. C’mon tomato patch! 

2. Drive with your windows down. 

3. Visit your local farmer’s market and buy lotsa stuff. We’ll be at the West Side Market and Shaker Square Market this weekend. 

4. Buy a blue recycling bin and use it. 

5. Make a salad. We did. 


That’s it…enjoy the great day here in Cleveland. 

And no, we still don’t know where our bacon comes from. This will change this Saturday. 

We hope you look for the source of your food too. Have fun exploring, I know we will. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms