As we tended to our tomato patch, tilling the soil, and preparing for warm weather to come…we decided to reminisce by taking a look at a few pictures from our past. 

We love our all of our crops – even taking pictures of their growth…kinda like what all parents do for their kids. 

Tomato patch was a bit out of control here...

Three years ago, we had an exceptional early growth of tomatos pop in. Early plant, early summer, which lead to this little guy on May 1. 

Midnight in the QLF Tomato patch (2007)

Can you believe it? May 1, 2007 – and there is a tiny tomato showing. #isitsummeryet? 

OK–we gottta admit, it may sound weird, but we have consistent scientific weekly photo documentation of our tomato patch, onion rows, jalapeno pepper bushels, lettuce runs, etc…. 

Why? Cause we can mark the growth of our different veggies, trends, watering markers, sun movement…you get the idea. All that work, so we have hard evidence to compare it to previous years. These meticulous details pertaining to all of our crops allows us to maximize our output with minimal waste. #EarthDay and minimizing our carbon footprint right? 

We do not use any fertilizer! Never have, never will – period. 

We do not use any pesticides or herbicides. Not cool at all – gross.

We do not use any growth hormones. Never ever! 

Secret? Na-no secret about our crops. Techniques we use are basic starting with good aeration (key to prevent rootball rot), coffee grounds (high in nitrogen), and lots of tending to the garden like weeding and pruning-which prevent other plants in taking away nutrients to our main plant. Helping our crops to focus them to full potential. Also, we were having a ton of fun with our Nikon DSLR too. 

Smile! Welcome the first tomato! (2007)

Just reminded us of how fortunate we are to be able to put all the veggies from our garden on the plates for our guests. 

F2P or Farm to Plate movement? You bet. 

Just hanging out...(2006)

We wish the summer would get here faster. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms