Last time we went to the Fabulous Food Show was 2007. Had a great time with Chef NAP8000 and his wife TAG. 

We didn’t go in 2008 because the lineup sucked balls. 

We didn’t go in 2009 because the lineup was poor…also a few “celebrities” cancelled. Lame-o. 

But in 2010? Our favorites have come back home to party. 

Why should you go? Well, lets take a look at the headliners for the weekend of November 12-14, 2010 for the Fabulous Food Show

Michael Symon (@mdsymon): Great onscreen personality, superb Chef, and most importantly, awesome Cleveland representative. Nuff said, support Clevelanders. 

We're not kidding, IRL, Chef Symon is that hilarious too

Guy Fieri (@ChefGuyFieri): Fresh from his stint in Hawaii filming with our family at Hanks Haute Dogs (@hankshautedogs), Guy’s career has exploded after winning The Next Food Network Star in 2006. Everything about him should offend everyone like his gawdy jewelry, faux hair, and fake-food-phrases like “bank-money” or “out-of-bounds”. Instant channel changer. But oddly, Guy makes everything work and does a great job as the host and personality of numerous shows. Secret man crush. 

Triple-D at Hanks Haute Dogs in Hawaii

Alton Brown: One of our favorite TV personalities! Long before his Iron Chef commentary, Alton has been a favorite Food Network personality. Had a few great conversations with him back when he was JUST getting into TV, and yes he had more hair then too. Alton looks at food scientifically – and that to us is pretty dang important. And you are correct – he’s not a chef, but his appeal to the general audience is superb. Several pictures of Alton with our staff hang in the kitchen at QuarryLaneFarms. We’d show you the pictures, but that’s another post. 

Mr. Wizard of the Food Network - Alton Brown

Giada DeLaurentiis (@GDeLaurentiis): Granddaughter of the famous LA movie director Dino, Giada lives up to the hype of an incredible onscreen personality and great chef. Since a career move from “private chef” to FoodNetwork icon – it’s been non-stop for Giada as she headlines numerous shows and events. What’s the hottest part about Giada? She’s a classically trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef. HOT! And yes, our entire staff is in love with her. 

Holey Moley Giada

Mark your calendars for November 12-14, 2010 at the IX Center in Cleveland…cause we’ll be there. 

Reporting from QuarryLaneFarms…