Lots of commentary from everyone regarding Chef Giada DeLaurentiis on the beach, random bra Chef at the griddle, etc… 

So lets retool this one and call it “Fashion Friday” and ponder what a few Chefs/celebrities call fashion. It’s a “you-pick-two” kinda blog entry today…so choose wisely (and may the Forks be with you-hahahaha) 

Battle #1: Hot mess Chef Jennifer Carroll 

Top Chef Contestant Jennifer Carroll (10 Arts by Eric Ripert, Philly PA)


Chef Jennifer Carroll freshly slapped by a marinated pork tenderloin because of her 1980s hairstyle

Who would you choose??? 


Battle #2: Meat battle 

Meat briefcase - fashionable for any occasion


A Bacon Bikini ...for their....bits. Bacon Bits.

 Which is more fashionable??? 


Battle #3: Padma Lakshmi and… 

Host Padma Lakshmi & Chef Nigella Lawson in bed in fashionable robes


Padma, fashionably naked and sweaty, licking BBQ sauce from her Western Style burger

 Which threesome would you like to be involved with? 


Fashion Friday thing? Maybe I don’t quite understand it. Maybe it isn’t fashion at all.

Regardless of fashion – Party like rock stars on this beautiful Friday.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…