Seriously people, whats with the awkward poses and strange setups?  

Flay getting ready for his prostate exam



Iron Chef Cat Cora and her goods


Same pose AND the same faked smile – lame. But we want to blame the photographer Joseph Cultice and his crew. 

Whoever staged this was clearly drunk bombed wastered fried totaled glazed stoned baked stupid high.  

1. Iron Chef Cat Cora is shopping at a gas station. For crying out loud – Iron Chef Cat Cora is shopping at a gas station. At least put her in a Whole Foods or at worst – a Piggly Wiggly  

2. Contents of her basket: Who buys Poptarts, Pace Picante Salsa, and 2+ pounds of spaghetti (and reaching for more)?!?!??! That’s right-peeps who were toking it up.  

3. And if the stager was high, at least have her reach for traditional quintessential collegiate blue box Mac and Cheese from Kraft – after all, the shoot should make sense.  

Food for thought-

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…