Save us from the brimstone hail. Isn’t it summer yet? Again Cleveland with some sucky awesome weather last night.

Today? not much better…of course.

Mother Nature beat up Cleveland last night

So to help this cold wet windy weather…we’re going to Superior Pho for a late lunch. Where we’ll nuzzle up to the table awaiting our steaming bowl of Pho…all the while drooling…on the floors of the small restaurant tucked away on Superior Ave. What is Pho? Check out our previous posts about Pho many times: Cleveland: It was a dark and stormy night…Perfect for Superior Pho

What to eat? Lots of stuff. We recommend a large Pho #7 with a banh mi sandwich.

Here’s some visuals to help.

Superior Pho's Pho #7

The much talked about Banh Mi Sandwich

We suggest you dip in the sure

Stay warm kids.

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…