After spending some time gazing at our herb garden…we noticed this bastard lurking in the shadows.  

Nicknamed "Fatty-2"


For those of you who have been to QuarryLaneFarms know that the animals are great….but sadly the deer, groundhog, etc….have been detrimental to our production of fresh produce. Ultimately we cannot bring the farm-to-plate awesomeness with these…punks on the prowl.  

And honestly? I could feel this little bastard fixated on our entire tomato patch and gigantic celery. The drool from his mouth and the glare from the beady little eyes would make Jabba the Hut blush.  

Note: Fatty-1 met an untimely death when we found him in our decimated bi-color corn rows…munching on everything. Corn strewn everywhere with widespread destruction.

That was a sad day indeed.

Attention all hands: We are moving from DEFCON-3 (for a normal constant state of situational awareness/readiness) to DEFCON-4.


Put your kevlar helmets and flack jackets on folks…we’re almost at war! 

"Do you want to play a game?"

No amount of tic-tac-toe or global thermonuclear war will help you now Joshua. 

Fatty-2 is now the crosshairs.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms