Like the ageless collegiate debate of “soda vs pop vs coke” – we now have reached an impasse.  

The proverbial food gods have spoke and we now need an answer from the legions of foodies that canvas this food world.  


What do you call this?

We probably watched this being made on TV with Mr. Wizard, or PBS or a cookbook….I guess it really doesn’t matter. We just want to know what to call this.  

The great debate in Food Network Magazine

So what the hell do you call it?: Here are your choices  

*Eggs in a Basket: This is QuarryLaneFarms choice as it has been referenced in cookbooks and movies alike.Most recently, I will cite V for Vendetta as the cinematique enigma that seems to have gained cult status. As you may remember, he makes some “Eggs in a Basket” for the beautiful Ms. Portman.  

V for Vendetta

Ms. Portman dining on Eggs in a Basket

 QLF rests our case.  

*********And now to present your other choices************  

*Toad in a Hole: One of our foodie friends swears by this terrible name as she experimented with this dish in her collegiate years. Great source of protein and wonderful breakfasts, she boasts this gem of a dish is the food of champions. Ahem–Who eats “toad”?  

A not that appetizing Toad

*Port hole: You don’t need to be on a ship to enjoy this dish. Plus when you say “hole” diners think of something else. Ahem–Otherwise, I’ll show you my port hole.  

Port hole

*Shotgun Toast: I can see where the inbred types want to use the term “shotgun” in everything, but sadly, why waste the center cut? Technically, it isn’t “toasted” since you are pan frying it. Besides, they won’t let me bring my shotgun into the kitchen.  

Hillbilly, truck, shotgun, dirty hat, sleeveless shirt - check.

*Gas house eggs: Did you just say eggs and gas? Now all I can think about is rotten eggs and how bad that smells.  

Rotten egg fart

*Birdie in the Nest: Bird’s nest is a soup found at fancy Chinese restaurants. Not for breakfast.  

Chinese Bird's Nest Soup

*Eggs in the Window: Are you drunk? (OK-I admit, this is probably the best food ever when drunk). OK–when we’re drunk, we egg people’s houses we don’t like.  

Egging your windows

So let us know your thoughts on what you call this magnificent dish. Once complete, we’ll tally your responses – and make final judgement.  

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms