Yep–it’s a cold rainy night here in Cleveland.

What does our insane staff do to fend  away the bad weather? We are trying to replicate Disneyland’s famous Smoked Turkey Leg of course.

Andrew and Goofy with Disney's Smoked Turkey Leg

These boheamith of a leg has long been a favorite of visitors and park workers alike.

Love that Turkey Leg?

What makes this so attractive?

Smoked turkey leg at Disney...topless. WTF

Clearly, people love this.

Muncha muncha Turkey leg

Heck even Marc Summers did a story about this on Food Network show Unwrapped.

Well, we’ll keep you updated since we are only 3 hours into the smoking.

Curbside smoked turkey leg service

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…