Alright–so nothing is really ALL that good about a McDonald’s cheeseburger….sorta.  

One of our favorite memories of the McDonald’s cheeseburgers is to get the cheese that is leftover on the wrapper.  

What the what?!?!!?  

That’s right, the little rogue piece of radioactive yellow that stuck to the wrapper, melted/clinging on for dear life…hoping not to be eaten. This little morsel has camouflaged itself nicely to appear as part of the wax wrapper.  

Childhood McD cheeze love


But you spy this savory piece of awesomeness cause nothing gets away from you. Nothing.  

To scrap off effectively, you use your fingernail-like-spatula and scrape, in one swift motion, this piece of fake cheeze.Nice work kid: Extrication of lonely piece of cheeze – achieved. 


Remember that?  

Also pictured for your viewing enjoyment is the actual Cheezeburger that gave up said piece of cheeze.  

McDonald’s Cheezeburger

I don’t understand, as a child, why I believed this was SO huge.  

Enjoy this nice weather everyone!  

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