It’s Aloha Friday folks! Hawaiian music playing, beautiful weather…AWESOME work Cleveland.    

First things first, kalua pig. Thank you to our BGE. Placed on the BGE with keawe wood and started the smoking process. We project about 250 degrees for maybe 5 hours…after all, it was only 2 lbs of pork. Easy and simple. Alright, we would have dug a hole (imu), special rocks, burlap bags, and all that good stuff….but sadly, our limiting reagent was the Ti Leaves. Can’t seem to find them in Cleveland. Hmmmm.  

The apps were some of my childhood memories like celery sticks and Ararae (we called it “kakimochi”). Crunchy crunchy for sure. Simple snacky-snacky. 

Started the Kalua pig on our BGE. Keawe wood chunks pre-soaked for smokey awesomeness.    


Here’s a close up. As you can see the special Hawaiian sea salt on it. Maybe some Walker too (Thanks Chong family Christmas Luau).  

As you can see the Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt    


Made the Hawaiian Electric imitation crab poke. Fresh and no fear cause this isn’t raw poke.    

Hawaiian Electric imitation crab poke

Then on to my favorite poke…Ahi shoyu tobiko poke.    

most favorite poke

 Cubes of raw ahi, Hawaiian salt, sliced red onions, minced red onions, chopped green onions, shoyu, red pepper flakes, sesame oil, tobiko, black sesame seeds, and white toasted sesame seeds. We sadly ran out of ogo, but it was so good. We don’t think anyone even noticed.    

We opted to serve this not by itself, but as a whole other dish called Poke bowl (C’mon @Sushi_Rock you know you want to). Extreme closeup of the demo bowl? Sure. 

Macro the poke!

BTW-the rice on the bottom is sushi rice…So good. 

Flavors melted together well.   

For the mini Kalua pig sliders, we decided on a crispy red cabbage slaw dressed with an oriential/miso sauce and lomi lomi tomato as the topping.    

Lomi lomi tomato

Looking for the nice contrast between kalua pig, crispy slaw, and fresh lomi lomi. 

Pulled the kalua pig off the BGE and sliced thick chunks and haphazardly placed between sandwich buns (our timing was a bit off).   

Mini kalua pig sliders

Following the kalua pig, steaks went on the BGE…Keawe wood still going good.    

Keawe smoked Delmonico ribeye

Served with the most popular sides of carmelized onion and bourbon wild mushrooms and grilled bi-colored sweet corn. Yeah, we think its summer alright.    

The ladies polished off the bottle of the Oregon Pinot noir…then moved on to the multiple bottles of Champagne.    

Guests pondered dessert, but finally said no as they were too full. But they did spy our private beverage cabinet. Hmmmmm.    

Just part of our stash

That’s right-patrons didn’t want any fresh fruit smoothies from Cleveland’s West Side Market…so instead they drank. 

Ahem…Bourbon flights please! 

So we obliged with a small sampling of our vast array of Bourbons and single malt scotch from our private cabinet.   

*Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon Whiskey, 9-year-old / 90 proof    

*Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 9-year-old / 100 proof    

*Booker’s Bourbon, 6-year-old / 124 proof    

*George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 15-year-old / 141 proof    

*Duncan Taylor Single Malt Scotch Strathisla Sherry Cask Speyside, 35-year-old / 110 proof    

As always, a great night of foodie friends!    

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…