Found me Sum!     

For a few weeks, Cleveland has been buzzing with excitement as the Dim And Den Sum truck traverses NE Ohio.  

Despite Cleveland being considered a mecca of food, the Cleveland mobile food movement has been like the Cleveland Browns offense. Null.

More than just street meat, and better than a NY dirty water dog will ever be, we believe these guys and their food dreams are here to stay. Bank.

Enter 2010 and Chef Chris Hodgson (Formerly of the Spotted Pig in New York City) and Chef Jeremy Esterly (Formerly of Fire Food and Drink in Shaker Square). These two fugitive foodies have made it their goal to provide Cleveland with outstanding mobile grub for the late night peeps.  

Dim And Den Sum Truck (Credit: Nguyen)

Now finding this Cleveland oddity is a challenge. Much like the Kolgi trucks in LA, the Dim And Den Sum truck move locations. Of course most updated information can be found either via:     

The website:     

Twitter: @DimAndDenSum     


If you forget the website...

Either way, if you have a smart phone or a computer, that’s all you’ll need.     

 They use lots of smoked and braised proteins…which makes it easier to serve. Prep all done in their pro kitchen and finishing in the truck. Service with a smile. 

On the line with Dim And Den Sum (Credit: Nguyen)

The whole show? We weren’t kidding when we called these Two dudes and a @DimAndDenSum Truck ( because that’s all it is now. These two guys are putting in 20+ hour days to make it work. Gotta give it up for entrepreneurialism.     

Two dudes and a @DimAndDenSum Truck (Credit: Nguyen)

Self described as just the “married guy behind the stove top” and the “ladies-man-main-attraction”, these guys do it all. Chef de cuisine, prep monkey, dishwasher, line chef, mechanic, promotions, location/logistics expert, cashier, website design, social media communicator, etc….They do it all. Nice work gents.   

Now on to the food. 

PBLT (Pork shoulder confit, thick cut bacon, tomato jam, sriacha mayo) $6   

This is the first sandwich that we had and they weren’t kidding about their bacon…thick cut indeed. Bread was dry/OK-nothing fancy. Maybe would have liked to see a potato bun to soak up more of the au jus. No doubt, the meat was so juicy and tender. As you can see, pull apart goodness that hit the spot. We believe that the tomato itself was a bit too thick, but hey, better more than less. We gobbled this entire sandwich using Food Network Chef Guy Firei’s “Hunch Card” so we didn’t have any dripping on ourselves. A must since this is SO juicy.   

QLFRating = 8.5/10.    

PBLT = 8.5/10

Sum Tacos $2 each / Pork – pulled pork, kimchi slaw, pineapple, rice / Deep south- soy glazed chicken, sweet watermelon slaw, beans / Beefy – seasoned grass fed beef, local smoked cheddar, seaweed salad, mayo.   

This stuff is good. So good, we had a ton of them. This little morsels of goodness make a perfect snack. As you can see, the meat is incredibly tender and juicy. Corn in a perfect accompaniment to this dish as the crunch is so very nice. We here at QLFs is willing to bet that you should just order 6 to start, cause after the first bite, you’re not going to want to wait in line…you’re gonna want many more.  

Suggestion to Dim And Den Sum: More cilantro. We all need more green in our life right?    

QLFRating = 9/10.   

Sum Taco-1 = 9/10

Sum Taco-2 = 9/10

Overall, a great way to get out of your dreary office and a great way to meet with foodies from NE Ohio. Just in our little review visit, we had a bunch of people reference ClevelandFoodie, @michellev, @BiteBuff, @beautyfoodie, @thegreenhouse, @chefswidow, @mdsymon, @Clevelanddotcom, etc….Basically the who’s who of the Cleveland food scene. To say the least, we were amazed.  

At this time, it’s a cash only business….which most startups are the same way. 

Want Sum now? Where are they Wednesday? Be on the lookout as I think they will be in Mayfield Wednesday. 

Look for Dem.    

Look for us too.     

**We would LOVE to share Sum with our fans! Maybe we’ll buy you lunch too.     

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…