Lets talk about burgers for a minute… 

With this great holiday weekend coming up, many of you will be firing up your grills, spatulating your burgers. Ouch. 

For those that have to reference, our previous post on The Best Burger in the world is…click here

In fear of saving a few douche bags from messing up a perfect weekend for grilling, QuarryLaneFarms offers up a few tips for those home BBQers: 

1. Don’t smash your burgers on the grill. This squeezes out ALL the juices from it. Use tongs-Close lid-Drink beer. 

Don't smash them

Even Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain agree.

2. Hand shape your patty. Don’t get too kitchey with all these neeto-skeeto devices. 

Pansy tool

Also-if you use too much stuff, your dishwasher may kill you. 

3. If you “brand” your burger with your initials, your burger will suck. To us, you are more concerned about looks than taste. #fail. 

Branding makes you look even more douchy

Besides, what kind of ego-driven person has to put their initials on their burgers? 

4. Dress appropriately for your grilling actions 

For the dudes

For the ladies

5. Girls like them thick! So make sure your burgers are thick and juicy. Here’s our Hulihuli cheeseburger. Thick. 

QLF Hulihuli cheese burger

Looking forward to the great sunny weekend in Cleveland. 

Most importantly, a safe weekend to everyone. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms