Memorial Day Weekend is in full swing! 

That’s right, millions of Americans are right now preparing for a great BBQ weekend…In fact, a fellow foodie has an incredible menu planned for tonight. Needless to say, we are already hungry. 

Jumping off from yesterday’s post, here’s a few more tips to assist your weekend drunken activities. 

6. The right tools for the job is a necessity as you grill…

What can we use from the garage....

Of course, we don’t recommend this, but chefs are often forced to improvise. 

7. Use fresh ingredients! Just don’t thaw out a piece of meat from your freezer from 1988. 

Fresh meat - know your butcher

We suggest the West Side Market or your local area market. Cheers for staying local. 

8. Safety! Firefighters/Paramedics have enough to do already this weekend…and your chief complaint of “stupidity” will make you the laughing stock. Plus if you have to call 9-1-1, chicks will surely dig those Firefighters more than you. Guaranteed. 

Just start dialing 9-1-1

Lets not get too carried away. Unitasker = Extinguisher (Thanks again Alton). 

9. Dude-If you don’t know how to cook, please refrain from lame commentary on grilling. 

What the what?

Make yourself useful and talk to the fat chick at the party. 

10. Can’t imagine what else would say weekend of fun like hot dogs. Offer lots of normal and funky condiments for your guests enjoyment. And if you can’t think of condiments, check out HappyDog’s Menu

@DimAndDemSum - Jjang Dawg

Note: this hot dog was sublime thanks to @DimAndDenSum (look for the additional review later). In case you missed our initial reviews, see THIS REVIEW LINK and THIS LINK TOO.

Again, we preach safety this holiday weekend (Ahem-roadblocks). Safety people safety! 

See you through the smoke! 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms