Hope everyone is enjoying your holiday weekend.   

We just finished a few app dishes for tonight and now we are experimenting with a few Hawaiian fusion dishes and Middle eastern fusion dishes. To give you some insight, here’s a few of our thoughts…actually rediculous redonkulous ideas. 

Kalua pig is VERY versatile. I won’t bore you on the pig, imu, rocks, etc….as I am sure you’ve seen Guy Firei on Diner’s Drive-Inns and Dives in Hawaii here or here.   

QuarryLaneFarms Kalua pig

So needless to say, we decided to play with a Hawaii favorite…pig. And lets face it, who doesn’t love pork? (Insert your favorite Bourdain quote now).   

Kalua pig wrap 

QLF Kalua pig wrap (the idea from Koolau Golf Course menu)

Kalua pig, rice, fried or carmelized onions, blanched cabbage, and bourbon mushrooms, and pineapple salsa. Served with a small cherry tomato tarragon bi-colored corn salad. 

QLF cherry tomato tarragon bi-colored corn salad

We were fussing around with it last night and believe this is a good “winnah winnah piggy dinnah” combination.   

Koshary (Thanks to Abu Tarek)   

Now we don’t normally serve middle eastern foods…in fact, the only one we make regularly is koshary.   

Again, if you don’t know what Koshary is, check out the Bourdain in Egypt episode here. Also for all you chefs, you can see the “fast food action” here.   

QuarryLaneFarms Koshary

But then we also like LOVE the idea of small one bowl hand-held foods. See our posts about one-handed wonders here


Braised or grilled lamb with cucumber yogurt, and cherry tomatos topped with a thin sun-dried tomato humus.   

Alright, so we don’t have a picture of this yet….but we will.  Sounds like a bite sized gyro, but I intend for this to be HUGE on flavortown. 

Also on the docket, lobster rolls (Thanks Giada De Laurentiis), steak au pouvire (Thanks Alton), egg ravioli (Thanks Michael Ruhlman @ruhlman), ceviche, and gaezpacho.   

So here’s to your holiday weekend and experimenting with new dishes!

Cause we made a mess. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…