We should have mentioned in yesterday’s post that no Kahlua was harmed in the making of our Kalua pig. 

Oink oink

Just to clarify, Hawaiian Kalua pig does not use Kahlua liqueur

Kalua pig // imu


QLF kalua pig ingredients: Pig (duh), Hawaiian red salt, beer, Keawe wood (or liquid smoke), red onions, garlic, and generous splash Bulliet Bourbon. 

What can you eat with Kalua pig? Anything! Traditionalists would say Lomi lomi salmon, poi, squid luau, etc…But sadly, Cleveland area stores/restaurants do not have said items on their menus. So as mainlanders, you can serve kalua pig in other ways. QLF has served sliders, plate lunches, etc…For this batch, we opted to make a wrap

QuarryLaneFarms Kalua pig wrap


Wish it was nice weather AND the weekend again. 

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