Dawgs, Burgers, and Tots – Oh my! 

This post is an addition to our initial review of Dim And Den Sum. If needed, our first review we talked about the PBLTs and Tacos, click here (Note: We feel that multiple visits are necessary for an accurate review. Besides, doesn’t hurt to eat more right?) 

Get in line!

With the ever-expanding menu options, both Chris and Jeremy have been foraging Cleveland’s West Side Market for the freshest local ingredients for their patrons. Bonus points for WSM usage. 

Jjang Dawg – local dog, pulled pork, kimchi slaw, smashed tots, bourbon soy bbq sauce $5.50 

Jjang Dawg = 9.5/10

Gotta be honest, this is one of the best hot dogs I have wolfed down in a long time. Like almost forgot to take a picture of it good. The Kimchi slaw and the fresh fried smashed tots together are heavenly – sauce oozing through the tots and shimmy-ing down the locally purchased grilled hot dog (Foodies take note: Every one of my bites had that elusive snap). Top it off with some bourbon soy BBQ, which is eerily like a PoBoy, this is close to perfection…like dating your best friends sister…without him knowing. 

Chomping into pure bliss

Copious amounts of toppings make this a PERFECT lunch. As you can see, Chris and Jeremy are not afraid to load you up. 

Ahem-Not going to lie, I thought about ordering another one. 

Tots – Crispy tater tots, amish cheese curds, gravy $4  

Tots - 9.0/10

It is few and far between that we find places that serve tots. So inherently, we love Dim And Den Sum for curbside tot service

Our tots have come dressed differently every single time. 

First time:  served plain lightly drizzled w/ Bourbon soy BBQ sauce (9.5/10) 

Second time: served plain with what tasted like a ko chu jeun mixed into the tot itself. Maybe it was the salt. (8.5/10) 

Third time: served with cheese curds and dried chunks of truffles (9.0/10) 

I’m now dreaming of said crispy tots holding hands with some cheese curds swimming in gravy. Mmmmm. Glad to see tots and totes hope those tots stay. 

Dim Burger – Local grass-fed beef, smoked cheddar, kimcheechup, pickle, mayo, on a brioche bun $6 

Dim burger = 7.5/10

Burger was cooked to order which was unexpected, cheese was melted nicely on and the generous amounts of lettuce. Brioche bun was excellent (fresh-baked). Wish we had more kimcheechup, like dripping down your arms, forcing you to do the lean so you don’t-get-any-on-your-shirt for more kimcheechup. Sexy. 

Dim Burger - needs more kimcheeechup

Overall, good, but nothing exciting. Maybe with a spicier kimcheechup, it will be Yobo like. 

Shank Taco – beef shank braised with a light corn salsa $2.50 each. 

Shank Taco = 8.5/10

Shank was tender, soft, and full of flavor-just like our others. Though kinda wish we had some cilantro, slaw or more roughage for this. Trust me, you could eat about 6+ tacos yourself. We did. 

PBLT – Pork shoulder confit, thick cut bacon, tomato jam, and sriacha mayo $6 

Initially, this got lukewarm reviews, but in subsequent visits, the increased amount of tomato jam/siracha mayo and fresh fresh baked bread made ALL the difference. 

As before, this is still a cash only operation so hit the ATM and your friends before you muncha muncha. Also if you are lucky, you’ll get to meet Chris’ dog Sadie too. 

So after all that, want Sum? 

Cleveland-Keep in mind this is a mobile food truck and you’re gonna have to hunt for Sum. Like One-Eyed-Willie treasure and yes you’re the Goonie (Cause Goonies never quit), this is your challenge/adventure. 

I want to play the violin....

So you don’t end up like Chester Copperpot and to aid in your search, most updated information can be found either via:      

The website:   www.DimAndDenSum.com      

Twitter: @DimAndDenSum      

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DimAndDenSum      

Eye catching designs - mouth watering food

FYI-Flat tires, loss of sleep, leaky radiators, and a lack of propane will not derail this mobile food goodness. Excellent ingredients, excellent concept, excellent food, and most importantly, hilarious people. Keep up the good work gents! You’ve got the recipe for awesomeness. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…