Had some random thoughts today…RANDOM!

Decided I wanted to do a loud meal. What? Yes, a loud meal. LOUD FOOD!


And your food should be more than just taste.

You smell your food with your nose. You feel the temperature of the food through your fingers. You see the food you are about to devour. Why not be able to hear it? In fact, the deafening crunch of foods from the table next to you, should also entice you to eat more.

Some people smell their food, some people eat with their eyes, you get the idea.

So here’s what I scribbled down:

#1: Fresh whole breakfast radishes dipped in chilled miso butter

#2: Pink fishcake fence with cucumbers drizzled with a miso sesame vinaigrette

#3: Teri-chicken wings (Fried of course)

#4: Ahi tobiko poke taro chips.

#5: Chicken yakitori with dark soy (thinking of using hearts or liver)

#6: Soba noodles Yes, your slurping is mandatory.

#7: Thick cut honey glazed bacon with french vanilla ice cream and mint kiss

Just thought of this while walking in the crisp morning air today. Maybe this is dumb. Maybe we need a hobby.

Let us know if this is WAY too crazy.

Are we crazy?

Cruncha cruncha

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