Had to pack some lunches today and we opted for Spam Musubi. 

Holds well, travels well, tastes great, musubis are the greatest travel food ever! 

Alohas for Spam Musubi

For those who are uninitiated, this little snack from heaven is one of our childhood favorites. Sweet, salty, savory, it covers all parts of your taste spectrum. Various textures include the slightly crisp spam and soft moist rice…perfect combinations as parts of the flavoring in the Spam seeps into the rice…flavoring the lightly salted musubi rice. Yes robust in total flavor, the delicate roasted Japanese nori holds everything together. 

Prepared properly, this hand-held snack will make you everyone’s best friend in any place of the world. Trust me. BEST FRIENDS…like sleep-with-you-cause-you-can-cook best friends. 

Line em up!

To help you understand Spam musubi, here’s a link to the SeriousEats website that does a great job with plany kine pictures. 

Also our previous posts for Spam Mac Nuts and Spam Fried Rice

I know that made your mouth water. 

Also, hilarity ensued when we “deconstructed” one too (cause we SO fancy). 

Deconstructed Spam Musubi

We are freakin hilarious. 

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