Sunday July 4th, 2010! Independence Day – Happy Birthday America! 

So what are we doing? We are hanging out with a 120 lbs pig (Bourdain would be SO proud @NoReservations). You can thank Andrew (call sign “Sneakerhead”) and Katie (call sign “Did you fart?”) and their crazy AWESOME idea. 

#oinkfest2010 - How I love thee


Say it with me…chicharon. 

#oinkfest2010 - skin from the gods


Say it with me…FOB Old school Puerto Rico homemade brine and piggy sauce. 

#oinkfest2010 - Barely a boat (FOB).


Say it with me…scantily clad friends enjoying cold beverages and pork. 

#oinkfest2010 - Brine your pig in a bikini. SEXY!


Lotsa wings being prepped now (Thanks Silver Palate). 

#oinkfest2010 - Cluck cluck bitches


I also hear there is a battalion of trays of authentic beans and rice, troughs of mac salad by the MacSalad Machine, vats if mango pineapple salsa by GinerinBOS, and a family secret recipe of pretzel salad from MsFitnessNYC. Holy schnikies Batman. We can’t wait. LOVE IT! 

Because of the warm weather, rumor on the street is all hot chicks in the pool today too. 

#oinkfest2010 - attire for the pool today


Because it’s all about how you look. 

Not cool and not part of #oinkfest2010


Ahhhh, and the formal nod to Puerto Rico and the piggy influence for today’s great meal. Nothing says 4th of July like food from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. No jokes about the 51st state either. Aloha to that. 

#oinkfest2010 - Puerto Rico! Love this place


We here from the kitchen hope your 4th of July is safe and joyous as ours. 

#oinkfest2010 - hunkahunka piggy



Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…