So as a follow up on our “Loud food” post, we figured you wanted to see a few items we talked about. 

If you have to reference the post, check out our “LOUD FOOD” post here 

Check check check it out. 

Here’s #2: Pink fishcake fence with cucumbers drizzled with a miso sesame vinaigrette. 

The Loud Fence

The contrast of the fishcake and the cucumbers is what makes this a loud dish. Also the miso vinaigrette is a great pair with the cucumbers. Visually-how shocking is the pink and green?!? 

Yeah, I know, that last piece of fishcake isn’t quite right, but I envisioned a white picket fence in middle America. This classic white picket fence isn’t perfect…one post leaning more than another, homemade and not perfect thanks to the Farmer John of America, and the concept of “there is always some touch up needed”…ie the white/pink (Maybe more in mind than in service/presentation). 

Additionally, the kitchen photo skillz need some work too. 

Here’s #6: Soba noodles. 

Chilled whole wheat soba


This isn’t a loud dish when you bite into the soba (well, I guess foodies in the world would contest that the noodles would be al dente), but this one has to deal more with the diner themselves enjoying the noodles. 

I believe there was a Bourdain episode where Iron Chef Morimoto talks about the slurping too. Deals with the air intake when slurping, the soba sauce richness, and the quality of the noodles. 

Additionally, for those who do not have soba often, this is served cold. Another contrasting temperature since most of the US believes noodles are to be served piping hot. Think out of the box people. 

Don’t worry, we are also still working on: 

#1: Fresh whole breakfast radishes dipped in chilled miso butter 

#3: Teri-chicken wings (Fried of course) 

#4: Ahi tobiko poke taro chips. 

#5: Chicken yakitori with dark soy (thinking of using hearts or liver) 

#7: Thick cut honey glazed bacon with french vanilla ice cream and mint kiss 

**Any additions to the menu we are missing? Let us know! 

Are we crazy?

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