Recently, we have been exploring the Cedar-Lee (Cleveland Heights) area for grub. 

So in true QuarryLaneFarms fashion, we rolled by this place, didn’t know what Anatolia Cafe was, and decided to have some. 


We sat under their sign which was awesome. The neon-glow-stick-night-club-uncha-uncha music blaring from the speakers were a bit much to take in the daylight hours…but next time, we’ll be prepared. 

How we should have dressed for the music playing...

Weather was so nice, we opted to sit outside and enjoy the sun.. Menu? We found that there are no Anatolia sandwiches…Apparently we will be dining on Turkish food. Sweet. 

The REGION of Anatolia #didpayattentioninhistoryclass

Waitress came out and in broken English, asked for our drink order. Round of water please. She returned 25 minutes later to take our order. During our wait, we found that the old school Turkish grandmother sitting next to us provided great entertainment. As you can see, she was dressed to impress. 

Old school Turkish Grandma

Our waitress brought out pita bread. Warm and delicious – nothing fancy, just warm. Better than other places that serve room temperature pita. 

Pita Pita

Not much explanation on the menu with not much help in ordering. Peeps, it would be helpful if your staff explained a few things about your menu. After an uncomfortable silence, we decided to just order apps. 

Cacyk or Cucumbers in Yogurt: Homemade yogurt mixed with finely minced garlic, cucumber, and dill simply put – a great dipping sauce. Score-1 for the vegetarians. 

Cucumbers in Yogurt (Cacyk)

We dipped our warm pitas in this sauce and it was surprisingly good. On first glance, it seems like yogurt with some seasonings sprinkled in, but as you dive deeper in, you can see the minced cucumbers and dill in there. Great summery dipping sauce and probably healthy for you. Probably. Turkish Grandmother sitting next to us made it feel like we were dining in Turkey. 

Falafel (vegan): Deep fried chickpeas and vegetables blended with spices 


We’ve had falafel in a ton of different places, but this one was a coarse chop/blend of ingredients. As vegan as they come, this dish was good…very good…almost as good as “finding out she’s a virgin”, kinda good. Delicious. 

Now usually we don’t care much for vegan stuff, this one we would get again and again and again. Score-2 for vegetarian crews.

For desert, we opted for the traditional Baklava. Comparatively, we prefer Greek baklava over all others, but the allure of the Byzantine Empire to Ottoman Empire to Roman Empire to now what is current day Turkey…we just had to. 


Really syrupy and light, this was a great way to end our meal of appetizers. Even better enjoyed in the sun, our baklava was topped with crumbled crushed pulverized pistachios, it was simple and good. In our humble opinion, very sweet and good, but we still prefer the Greek baklava. 

As we were leaving, two douche McGees rolled up blaring club music. 


Sporting their top down borrowed-from-my-Uncle Benzo, greased up slick hair-dids, and their Ed Hardy club shirts, the nightclub music blaring was now making sense. 

Best part? The Turkish Grandmother yelled at them and told them to go inside. We like her. 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…