Welcome to day 2 of the Hog Dog report…aka HD2010! 

Today we’ll be reviewing the ginormous Costco Hot Dog and drink combo. 

Costco's Hot Dog combo


Good: Simple cause it’s the same hot dog they sell in their stores. 

Bad: It’s the same hot dog they sell in their stores. 

Costs: $1.50 

Costco hot dogs are boiled and served in a semi-warm bun. Both are larger than a normal hot dog and a total cheap eats as this combo is truly a great value at $1.50 – you can’t really go wrong. Yes, this is a pretty good deal for lunch. 

Apparently here in Ohio, it seems that everyone likes onions so it is typical to find me spinning the little side hamster wheel on the onion container, occasionally peering into the dump tray in hopes that a few onions shoot out of the always empty dispenser. I pause shortly, but return to intense clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, thinking to myself “…Perhaps faster revolutions will make onions appear”…appear out of thin air. 

My arch nemesis


As I stand there, desperation kicks in. I often have the lost puppy look in my eyes as I realize (again) that there are no onions to be had. Costco, PLEASE replenish your onions dispensers. 

Side note: Never put ketchup on your hot dog. 

Here’s the running tally so you can compare/contrast on this extraordinary journey of hot dog redonklousness…aka “HD2010″:  

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Cheddar hot dog = 5/10  

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Mustard onion hot dog = 6/10  

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Chili onion hot dog = 5/10  

Costco’s Hot Dog combo = 7/10 

Note: The running list will be published to accompany all dogs posts to help you embrace the full effect of “HD2010″.  

Of course more hot dog reviews to come…just check back tomorrow.   

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms