Star studded Sunday Funday in Cleveland.   

Stopped by Amp150 (@AMP150Cleveland) for a few quick bites. Again, Chef Cooley too busy to come out to talk. Note: Menu has changed and we miss the rabbit spaetzle. NOT excited about the changes. 

The "new" rabbit spaetzle - we like the last edition better


Making our way back north, we opted for everyone’s favorites “where everyone knows your name…” – E4th Street.   

Had a special birthday celebration for one of our staff so we decided to hang out with all the other foodies in Cleveland. As we leisurely strolled down E4th in Cleveland, we were stunned to see Top Chef Master Obi Wan himself!!!   

Top Chef Masters Chef Obi Wan

OK-so his name isn’t Obi Wan, but most people know him as Chef Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto in cool West Village Manhattan, NYC. Already a “famous” celebrity Chef, he was featured on Season 2 of Top Chef Masters where he battled it out with Chef Rick Moonen, Chef Marcus Samuelson, and Chef SuSur Lee…He should have been in the final 3.   

Anyways, Chef Waxman was standing there tasting his Lombardia Style Pork Ribs just laughing and talking away so we chatted for a few as he was busy at a private party at Lola. Wait, didn’t he make these same ribs while on Top Chef Masters too? (I bet Host Kelly Choi didn’t eat any – put something in your mouth!). Ahem–fun times with Chef Waxman. BTW-I heard they raised over $150,000 for Autism Speaks – Nice work! 

Chef Waxman IRL vs Chef Waxman on TV? He’s the same. REALLY nice and smiley. Awesome!   

Full body shot of Chef Jonathan Waxman

Also chatted with The Greenhouse Chef Jonathan Sawyer (@thegreenhouse). He was laughing and smiling as usual.   

Always lovable Chef Jonathan Sawyer

Few minutes later, we found ourselves talking with his wife @Chefswidow (For those that don’t know about her blog, you should read it here).  After talking to @Chefswidow , we all agree that Chef Jonathan Sawyer IS kinda like a big teddy bear. Don’t worry, plutonic man-hugging only.   

Bear Hug

Congrats on their new house too!   

Iron Chef Michael Symon (@mdsymon) was doing his thing. Well, it was his restaurant Lola Bistro. Let’s play “Where’s Symon?” (kinda like Where’s Waldo? but IRL).   

"Where's Symon?"

I think the only one we missed was Chef Anne Burrell….heck we even saw our favorite wine gal from Whole Foods in University Heights (@WholeFoods).   

After leaving all of the celebrity Chefs, we trudged over to The Chocolate bar on Euclid. Had ginormous order of cheesecake (wasn’t that good) and then devoured a gigantic Chocolate fudge brownie Sunday at Chocolate Bar. #naptime #dunzo   

Awesome Sunday Funday in the CLE. What will this week bring? More celebrities?   

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…