Sorry we haven’t posted all week – we were a little star struck since meeting Chef Jonathan Waxman

Back to Hot Dog reviews aka #HD2010 !!! 

We mosey our way down to Happy Dog (Thanks for the recommendation @lzone) and found ourselves perplex with virtually thousands of choices. Being inundated with everything AND the kitchen sink, we opted for a few of their barkeep and menu “choice” standards. 

Menu item recommend? Sure thing barkeep!


BTW– the numbers are to help them itemize their toppings. It does NOT denote how many pieces per come on your hot dog. 

On arrival, we were amazed to see cucumbers, kim chee, bok choy and scant remains garlic on the fat hot dog (which they claim to be a quarter pound all beef hot dog). 

Um, is that a hot dog?


Good (probably) quarter pound hot dog with the fixins. Beef? Skin? Couldn’t tell thanks to the toppings. 

And even with all that hulla-ba-lu-bub, I see no chilis…Thai, Vietnamese, Zimbabawanise, or any other ethinic chilis. NA-TING! 

Poppy-seed bun? Yep-thanks, but perhaps not so wet. Maybe consider less steam/more warm (Taste great-Less filling). 

Wet buns = not fun


We’d like to have more crunch in our bok choy so stir fry the cabbage less. It should be semi firm (al dente) to the bite not wilted and soggy. No Asian I know ever serves their bok choy wilted and soggy. 

Freshness? Who doesn’t love cucumbers on a hot dog? Nice job. 

And now the Captain Obvious point: “Korean kim chee”?!?!?!?!? What?!?!??!?? Of course its Korean kim chee! Who else would claim kim chee? Ethiopians? Hawaiians? Norwegians? C’mon! It’s like telling me “Chinese Fried Rice” or “Jewish Matzo Ball Soup” or “An American Cheeseburger”. Did a Yobo Korean really make it? 

Annyeonghaseyo! I made kim chee


Also, I am kinda weirded out by warm kim chee. Maybe this could be added right before service – you know hot/cold contrast. 

And…A wise old man once said to me, “Good girls don’t eat kim chee…” 

Here’s the running tally so you can compare/contrast on this extraordinary journey of hot dog redonklousness…aka “HD2010″:     

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Cheddar hot dog = 5/10     

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Mustard onion hot dog = 6/10     

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Chili onion hot dog = 5/10     

Costco’s Hot Dog combo = 7/10    

Tucky’s Chicago = 4/10   

Tucky’s Cleveland = 3/10   

Tucky’s Kansas City = 7/10   

Tucky’s Detroit Coney Island = 8/10   

Happy dog Thai Chile garlic stirfry bok choy kim chee cucumbers = 5 / 10 

Note: The running list will be published to accompany all dogs posts to help you embrace the full effect of “HD2010″.     

Of course more hot dog reviews to come…just check back tomorrow.      

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms