I know it’s still summer – but last night as we contemplated life on Reddstone’s patio, I remembered that I promised a few of our loyal guests a true Low country Oyster Roast. It all started with a visit to Charleston years ago (BTW-if you haven’t been, you should go). 

So in the haze of the Saturday evening light and the aircraft buzzing around for final for Hopkins, we started planning again. 

Here’s our check lit so far: 

1. Bushels of South Carolina Oysters – big ones. 

Bushels of SC Oysters


2. Frogmore Stew – Break out the 30 gallon pot! 

Frogmore Stew


3. She Crab Soup (probably from Hyman’s) 

Best She-Crab Soup ever


4. Champagne and beer served in mason jars (the perfect beverages in the fall). 

Family of Champagne


5. Maybe a few sides of Cornbread and greens too. 

Who’s in? 

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms