Continuing on for Hot Dog reviews in 2010 aka #HD2010 

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We returned to Happy Dog again to try another one of their specialities: Steak sauce, garlicky escarole, smoked gouda cheese, habanero pickled red onions (12, 39, 42, 33 or 25). 

Happy Dog specialty

How can you go wrong right? 

On arrival this hot dog smelled heavenly! It was probably the combination of steak sauce and hot dog which made my mouth water. Mmmmm. Since this has all the combinations of a “steak dog”, smoked, garlicky, onions, etc…PUT ME IN COACH! 

Happy Dog - 12, 39, 42, 33

Amongst the mounds of toppings, I spied a hot dog. I dove right in. 

Tastes and flavors with each bite, and as you can see, there is more than enough escarole to make a vegetarian sport wood. The smoked gouda wasn’t as “smoked up” as one would think, but hey-this is a hot dog. As for the self-proclaimed “killer steak sauce”? More than likely, it was A-1. Nothing special there. And if you’re gonna go through with habaneroing and pickling your red onions, at least make it bold. I’ve had more bold flavors from a Tic Tac compared to your habanero pickled red onions. Back to the sauce – Ahem! We would have liked to see less sauce as this caused a critical structural failure in the bunnage part. 


As you guessed, the “killer” sauce and overcooked escarole caused the bun to get soggy. This is not good eats. Thus this dog, what I thought was going to be an 8 or a 9 from the start, is now back down to a measly 6 thanks to the soggy bottom. #blowout 

Enough escarole for vegetarians to sport some wood

Much like having sex on the hood of your car before it rains, it started out hot and heavy with passionate embraces and tawdry sultry looks. But in the end, when the rain pours down, everything was so soggy with lotsa stuff sliding and falling off. As you know, soggy is not my idea of a good hot dog.

Honk Honk



Maybe a letter will help them. “Dear Happy Dog: C’mon! Stop the soggy bottoms! Thanks. QuarryLaneFarms” 

Here’s the running tally so you can compare/contrast on this extraordinary journey of hot dog redonklousness…aka “HD2010″:      

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Cheddar hot dog = 5/10      

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Mustard onion hot dog = 6/10      

Steve’s Hot Dog Lunch Chili onion hot dog = 5/10      

Costco’s Hot Dog combo = 7/10     

Tucky’s Chicago = 4/10    

Tucky’s Cleveland = 3/10    

Tucky’s Kansas City = 7/10    

Tucky’s Detroit Coney Island = 8/10    

Happy dog Thai Chile garlic stirfry bok choy kim chee cucumbers = 5 / 10  

Happy dog Killer Steak Sauce, garlickey escarole, smoked gouda cheese, habanero picked red onions = 6 / 10  

Note: The running list will be published to accompany all dogs posts to help you embrace the full effect of “HD2010″.      

Of course more hot dog reviews to come…just check back tomorrow.       

Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms