Must have said something bad about someone.   

This year, we opted to try our hand at Brussel sprouts. I don’t even care for them that much, but hey, its QuarryLaneFarms! So our little patch of Brussel sprouts went in 3 months ago.   

Starting Brussel


Brussel me up - Looking good


Few more weeks in and all looks good - Go flight for Brussel sprouts


Things were growing well as I contemplated how to prep and serve these to our guests. And yes, I thought about bacon (Mmmmm).   

From late July, QLF Brussel Sprouts thick and hearty


I was just saying that we haven’t inspected our Brussel sprouts in a while. Yesterday, we trudged on over to see how our Brussel sprout crops were doing. 




Another POS!


How many do you see?


This is just one Brussel sprout…so let’s play “How many of these little punks can you count on just ONE Brussel sprout”?   

Where's Waldo...punks


Muncha muncha you frickin jerk


Yep-7 little bastards on just the first poor helpless little Brussel sprout


It’s gonna be a long day. Maybe I should start drinking now.   

So needless to say, these little bastards have ruined our entire Brussel sprout crop. #fail   

Just goes to show you that you need to be fastidious in your relentless efforts to tend to your crops.   


Reporting (and sulking) live from QuarryLaneFarms…