Anthony Bourdain’s episode in Japan reminded us that we needed to explore a few “Nasty Bits” a bit more often.  

And no, I’m not talking about Spam.  

We still love Spam


So we opted to grab some chicken hearts and gizzards give it a go.  

Get some


Now popular in food, the utilization of everything (which is a good thing). Like people loving chicken feet, pig tails, cow tongue, blood sausage, pigs feet, petrified eggs, etc…We’ve had many of these before and if prepared properly, it’s really good (I know, sounds like our line for Spam huh?). Look, just take a chance and try new things. DO NOT eat at ChainMcGees in a new city – live a little.  

Back to the hearts and gizzards.  

So we simmered the hearts and gizzards in a mix of shoyu, brown sugar, white wine, chunks of ginger and garlic.  

Simmer for 7 minutes.  

Remove from heat. 

Separate 0.5 cup for brushing.  

Refrigerate everything for 3 hours.  

Soak your skewers in water (otherwise they will burn – and that’s not good eats).  

Start your grill!  

Skewer and place everything on the grill and constantly brush the extra cup of sauce on skewers. Additionally the sauce that falls on the coals will also create smoke that imparts that flavor too.  

On the grill


We approximated about 4-6 minutes per side. Edges should be slightly crispy. 

We guestimate that we brushed them every two minutes. Additionally, we thought smell of the sauce on the grill smelled awesome.  

Flip and brush


When removed, you can see the tips crisped up a bit…perfect! Slightly crunchy outside and moist insides.  

Initially, we thought that having different sized pieces would be cool (C’mon-its the nasty bits). But we should have planned in making similar sized pieces so each piece would crisp up evenly. Duh.  

In the end, each of the pieces were good and moist. And yes, it does taste like chicken. 

Hearts and gizzard yakitori


Don’t lie, I know you’d try it. Anthony Bourdain, eat your heart out.  

Bourdain MF


Reporting live from QuarryLaneFarms…